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Wetlands Safari
Dorpsstraat 21
1454 AL Watergang

KvK-nummer 33276156
VAT-nummer NL001648401B32

Wetlands Safari is closed Monday and Tuesday

Wetlands Safari has an holiday the 24th of August til the 3rd of September 2024

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The face behind Wetlands Safari

Majel Tromp, the founder of Wetlands Safari. She grew up in the Lake District , the Wieden in North West Overijssel, known of the village Giethoorn. In the 1980s she studied environmental science at the College in Deventer and wrote papers about her passionate interest of how to bring nature and people together.

After her studies she travelled for 10 years around the world., as a representative of Dutch travel organizations. In addition, she sailed the Pacific and Atlantic oceans and attended the skipper school in Enkhuizen. Water is a central subject in her life and she wants to share this passion with you.

Majel, who has lived since 2019 in Watergang, Waterland, would like to show you the backwaters of Amsterdam in an uniquely different way.