What to wear?
Outdoor clothes, shoes will get wet and dirty.

Can I bring my photo camera?
Yes, no problem, we offer “drybags”.

What to do with bad weather?
Only with very strong wind (especially from the West and rain) we will cancel the tour and will refund the down payment.

Can we change clothes?
Yes, just before we get into the canoes you can change your clothes.

Do we need to start in Amsterdam?
The Fresh Air Tour start in Watergang.
The Daytour and Sunsettour start at Metro Station Amsterdam NOORD. If you are by car let us know before hand. You can park the car for free where the canoes are. We will send you info how to get there. We don’t have a pick up service. Otherwise meeting point is Metro Station Amsterdam NOORD.

What do we get with the picnic?
The picnic serve all kind of cheeses, bread, fresh fruit sweets, organic juice of the area, enough options for vegetarians and vegan’s.

Do I need to have canoe experience?
You don’t need to have any canoe experience. We will explain everything before starting the tour. But you need to be fit to paddle and flexible (low bridges).

Can we go for a swim?
There is an option, but the water is very muddy.

What is the size of the group?
If you sign up by yourself we have a maximum of 10 adults.
We make special arrangements for groups from 6 till 11 persons.

Can I sign up by myself?
Yes, just book through our bookings page and check if there is a tour available.

Are dogs welcome?
We are going to a nature reserve where dogs are prohibited.

Can I give a Wetlands Safari as a present?
Yes you can! E-mail us for a giftcard as you like.

How long can we use the gift certificate?
The gift certificate is expired after 2 seasons of date of issue.

What is the cancellation policy?
If you sign up by your self, you can cancel the tour 24 hours before the start, otherwise we charge the full amount.
For group bookings we have 14 days cancellation policy.